Texas Exotic Deer and Antelope

Texas is one of the very few places in the world that has a sustainable breeding & hunting population of trophy big game species from other continents introduced back in the 70’s. In fact through recent efforts of SCI & the EWA, several of these species such as the Black Buck Antelope & Scimitar Oryx are being reintroduced from Texas ranches back into their native lands where they are currently extinct.

African hoof stock and European deer species are classified as Texas exotics due to their non-native status and therefore have no closed season and do not require tags or drawing. WWR offers hunters interested in adding to their trophy game rooms 32 species on our private ranch.

You may book a hunt just for exotics or they may be added to any hunting trip and are primarily hunted by “spot & stalk” methods. There is no minimum age when hunting with an adult, no units, no tag draw’s or waiting list, and you can even buy your non-resident exotic $45 TPWD hunting license at the ranch.

Exotic Hunting Season with any weapon

  • Antelope, Axis, Buffalo, Oryx, Sheep, & Goats , Zebra ~ Year Round
  • Deer ~ September through February

Trophy Antelope & Trophy Exotic Deer Hunting Packages

  • $400 day + trophy kill fee