Alaska Northern Pike Sportsman’s Guide

June – Early July

  • Highest numbers of fish caught during this season.
  • The pike are coming out of their post spawn sulk and are feeding heavily.
  • Warm temps and high bug activity are traditional for this season.
  • High water can be a variable during time of year.
  • Cabbage weed beds, shallows and sloughs are fishing the best at this time of year.

Middle of July – Middle of August

  • Most consistent fishing season.
  • Stable water levels, variable weather conditions.
  • Solid girth measurements, the pike have great strength.
  • Fish activity directly correlates to weather conditions.

End of August – September

  • Largest fish of the season are typically caught this time of year.
  • Fewer numbers of fish are caught but usually large.
  • Cold water temps make morning fishing difficult.
  • Dropping water levels can force fish to wintering holes.
  • Duck hunting can be amazing.