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Since the mid 1980s RF&G has been to Mexico bass fishing on all of Mexico’s great bass lakes. We have been Brazil peacock bass fishing on the Rio Negro River. We have been to Alaska fishing several times catching Alaska salmon and Trophy Northern Pike. We have been in Argentina hunting and witnessed the phenomenal Argentina dove hunting. Argentina wing shooting is as good as it gets. We have also enjoyed the great duck hunting and white wing dove hunting that Mexico and South America have to offer. We can offer you the best inshore and offshore Costa Rica fishing there is available anywhere. We have a combination, morning duck hunt and afternoon trout and red fish fishing available in southern Louisiana. We can offer you Trophy Whitetail and fantastic goose hunting in Alberta, Canada.

From these experiences, we have chosen what we consider to be the best outfitters in the business for the destinations we have chosen to offer on our web site. You can get the details on each of these destinations by simply clicking on the icons at the top. As your booking agent our goal is to provide you with the fishing or hunting trip of a lifetime.

Mexico Bass Fishing

Mexico has the greatest bass lakes in the world for black bass fishing. There are four lakes on the West coast of Mexico where you can go Mexico bass fishing. There is Lake El Salto, Lake Agua Milpa, or as some call it just Lake Milpa, Lake Picachos and Lake Baccarac. The Mexico bass fishing at each Lake is a little different because of the age of each Lake. Generally speaking the older lakes produce larger bass but not quite as many numbers as the newer lakes. A Mexico bass fishing trip to one of these four lakes can make any bass angler’s dream come true.

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Lake El Salto

When one thinks about Mexico bass fishing, one thinks of trophy bass Lake El Salto. Lake El Salto has produced more double-digit bass than any bass lake in the world. According to Bassmaster Magazine, “if you are in Mexico bass fishing on Lake El Salto, you are on the absolute best trophy bass lake in the world.” The Lake El Salto fishing season is from October 1st through July 31st. The rainy season at El Salto is July 15th through September 30th.

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Peacock Bass

I like to catch lunker largemouths just as much as the next guy. But when it comes to brute strength and bone–jarring strikes, I’m convinced that no freshwater fish in the world can compare to the brawny peacock bass.

The best peacock bass fishing in the world is found on Brazil’s Rio Negro River and its tributaries. We can offer you first class accommodations while you are peacock bass fishing aboard Mobile Floating Suites only access able by float plane.

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Argentina Hunting

Argentina dove hunting is the best dove hunting in the world. Argentina hunting also provides great duck and goose hunting. When in Argentina hunting, you can also shoot prediz and pigeons. When you are in Argentina dove hunting, the number of doves you shoot depends entirely on your ability and desire, because the doves fly all day. You can literally shoot until your barrel melts when you are Argentina dove hunting. In addition to Argentina hunting, Argentina also has great trout and fresh water Dorado fishing.

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Dove, Duck and Deer

In addition to Argentina, we can offer you fabulous duck hunting and deer hunting in Canada’s Peace River Valley. We have several duck and white wing dove hunting destinations in Mexico. There is a “Cast and Blast” package available in Mexico. We have fabulous duck hunting in Louisiana. You can go duck hunting in the morning and then fish for speckled trout and red fish in the afternoon.

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Costa Rica Fishing

The West coast of Costa Rica offers some of the best inshore and offshore fishing there is anywhere. If you are Costa Rica fishing, you are enjoying some of the best deep sea fishing for blue marlin in the world. Costa Rica fishing also offers you some of the best deep sea fishing for sailfish there is anywhere. When you are Costa Rica fishing, you are in one of the hottest fishing areas for rooster fish known to man.


In addition to the blue marlin and sailfish, anglers while deep sea fishing also land numerous Dorado. Anglers also catch large quantities of blue and yellow fin tuna when deep sea fishing off the West coast of Costa Rica. Deep sea fishing on the East coast of Costa Rica is not as popular as it is on the West coast. Costa Rica fishing on the East coast of Costa Rica is primarily for trophy snook and tarpon. You can also catch rainbow bass when Costa Rica fishing on the East coast of Costa Rica.

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Alaska Salmon Fishing

Alaska fishing offers anglers many options for going salmon fishing. When planning an Alaska fishing trip to go salmon fishing one has many decisions to make. The first is which species of salmon do you want to go salmon fishing for. When going Alaska fishing you can catch king salmon, silver (coho) salmon, sock eye (red) salmon, chum salmon and pink salmon depending on which month you chose to go. Almost all Alaska salmon fishing takes place in June, July, August and September. There are two reasons why salmon fishing takes place during these months. The first and primary is because that is when the salmon make their annual migration into the rivers to spawn making salmon fishing possible. The other is, in most cases the rivers in Alaska thaw in May making Alaska fishing in its great rivers possible. We think the Unalakleet River offers some of the best salmon fishing that Alaska fishing has to offer. The Unalakleet has a huge king and silver salmon run.

Click here for Alaska Fishing and see all about the Unalakleet River Lodge.

Northern Pike Fishing

Alaska, land of the midnight sun! Just the name itself carries a sense of greatness. For years, Alaska has been known for its wondrous size, its magnificent mountains, its trophy size game, and of course its salmon. But very little has been said about its huge northern pike. In fact Alaska’s best kept secret is its large northern pike. And not just 10 or 15 pound northern pike, but 25, 30, and the occasional 40 pound monster northern pike! We are talking about 45 to 55 inch northern pike! Located on a tributary that feeds the Yukon River, Midnight Sun Trophy Piker Adventures offers the pike fishing trip of a lifetime for those anglers interested in hooking the largest northern pike of their dreams.

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