Argentina Fishing Dorado

The fishing

A typical day starts early in the morning with a full breakfast. Then we take the boat for a short ride to the fishing spot, where we either fish from the boat or the bank, as the river, in most parts, is too deep for wading. At noon we go back to the lodge for lunch or, if the weather is nice, stop on one of the islands for a barbecue. After a little time for resting, it´s time to fish again till just before sunset.

The lodge

Estancia Los Isleños is located 15 miles North from La Paz, Entre Ríos Province. The ranch is crossed by one of the branches of the Parana river. From our private dock the access of the several fisheries takes a few minutes.

The comfortable ranch house can accommodate 10 guests in double rooms. One of the highlights of the trip is our outstanding food, a combination of typical Argentinean dishes with international cuisine.


All year round. Best months, from August through April

How to get there

Commercial flight from Buenos Aires to Santa Fe. (1 h.) and ground transfer from the airport to Los Isleños by paved road (2 hs 30 minutes.). Private charters available from Buenos Aires to La Paz.


Day 1:

  • Arrival to Buenos Aires International Airport. Reception and transfer to Domestic Airport.
  • Flight to Santa Fe. Ground transfer to Los Isleños.
  • Afternoon fishing

Days 2,3,4,5:

  • Full day fishing

Day 6:

  • Morning fishing. Ground transfer to Santa Fe. Flight
  • To Buenos Aires. Transfer to International Airport.

What to bring

Fishing tackle

Conventional gear for big dorado is virtually the same as that used for trophy peacock bass (although a wire leader is essential). 7-inch jerk baits, Rattle Trap-type lures, spoons and jigs are very productive. In the clear water one of the more effective dorado lures is a gold colored, 1 and 1/8 ounce Johnson’s “Silver Minnow”. These relatively light baits allow anglers to fish for dorado with light to medium spinning or bait-casting tackle. Watching one of these big, golden aerialists cartwheel its way across the water on the business end of what is essentially a largemouth bass rod is incredibly exciting. Bringing it to the boat on such light gear is doubly gratifying.

Fly fishermen are best equipped with an 8-9-weight fly rod and either a 200 to 300 grain, 24-foot sink tip line or a full floating line depending upon water conditions. A heavy steel leader is a must, as these fish will chew through any kind of monofilament as though it were sewing thread! Dorado take a variety of streamers, sliders and even Atlantic salmon-style Bombers during ideal conditions (tied on 3/0 to 6/0, heavy, long shank hooks).





Base 4 pax

DORADO Fishing 5 Days $ 3,995 $ 650 August thru April N/A


* Price based on a minimun of four (4) people

*All programs have the followings inclusions: Ground transfer,  Bilingual host, all meals and beverages while in hunting and fishing areas.
*Guns and introduction papers are not included in this package
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