Lake Picachos

Lake Picachos, Mexico bass fishing at its best, crankin’ out big numbers of quality largemouth bass.


That’s the first word that comes to mind when I think of Lake Picachos. And it’s a justifiable description, indeed. Lake Picachos is the newest kid on the Mexico bass fishing block. Just five years after the lake was impounded, it’s already producing double-digit largemouths up to 12 pounds, and the numbers are absolutely insane – expect to catch over a hundred a day. The dam was started in 2006, completed in 2009, and started filling in July of the same year. It is fed by the Presidio River, and at a height of 246 feet

Easy to get to The Picachos dam and reservoir is located in the southern region of Sinaloa, Mexico, between the municipalities of Mazatlan, Concordia and Rosario – in the foothills of the picturesque Sierra Madre Mountains. It is a convenient and scenic 50 minutes driving time from the Mazatlan International airport.

Baits. Among the most productive baits at Picachos are: watermelon red fleck lizards, medium sized soft plastics, Berkley crawls, black & blue color, 3/4 oz dark colored jigs, Zara spook clear color, deep range crank baits, Strike King 3⁄4 oz spinner bait in citrus color, white buzz baits. Braided line 40 to 50 lb pitching into the trees (combat fishing), fluorocarbon 17 lb for swim baits and jigs, 17 lb monofilament line for hard baits and soft plastics.

And if you can’t decide whether to fish Picachos or According to Bassmaster Magazine, “if you are in Mexico bass fishing on Lake El Salto, you are on the absolute best trophy bass lake in the world.” make it a combo trip – the lakes are only a 2 hour drive apart.

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