Alaska Northern Pike Travel to Boat


You will be responsible for arranging transportation to Anchorage. From there we will make your reservations for the flight to Aniak. These tickets will cost you in the neighborhood of $375.00 per person, round trip. M.S.T.P.A. will meet you at the airport in Aniak, where we will arrange your travel by float plane to the lodge, or by wheel plane to one of several villages, where you will then travel by river boat to the lodge. These options will be based on the availability of aircraft, weather, and location of the houseboat. At the completion of your trip with us, M.S.T.P.A. will return you to Aniak via one of the travel options mentioned above, and you will again be greeted by one of our staff. Weather delays are a consideration here in Alaska and we want you to know that we will not push the weather for your safety, or ours. Because these delays can happen and do warrant consideration, we ask you to take steps to avoid unnecessary pressure by allowing extra time at both ends of your trip. We recommend planning an overnight stay at both your arrival to, and your departure from, Anchorage. If these arrangements are not possible, we would strongly encourage you not to book a flight departing from Anchorage prior to 10 p.m. Travel insurance is available through your travel agent or booking agent and is highly recommended.