Lake El Salto



When one thinks about Mexico bass fishing, one thinks of trophy bass Lake El Salto. Lake El Salto fishing reports show that it has produced more double-digit bass than any bass lake in the world.

According to Bassmaster Magazine, “if you are in Mexico bass fishing on Lake El Salto, you are on the absolute best trophy bass lake in the world.”

The Lake El Salto fishing season is from September 15th through July 31st. The rainy season at El Salto is July 15th through September 30th.

Previous Lake El Salto fishing reports shows there is top water action from October 1st through April 30th, with the best being November 1st through February 15th. The pre spawn on Lake El Salto occurs in December and January with the spawn taking place in February and March.

We think the best time to catch the most double-digit bass in one fishing trip on Lake El Salto is May, June and July. The spawn is completed; the bass are bunched up and in their summer feeding pattern.


raders el salto 2Lake El Salto is located 70 miles northeast of Mazatlan, Mexico. El Salto is 800 miles south of Nogales, Arizona. Lake El Salto was built on the Rio Elota River and covers approximately 24,000 surface acres. Lake El Salto has a depth of 225 feet at the dam. The gateway city for anglers arriving in Mexico to do some Lake El Salto fishing is Mazatlan. The drive from Mazatlan to El Salto takes about one and one/half hours, all on paved roads.

El Salto is a scenic impoundment located deep in the heart of the Sierra Madre Occidental Mountain range. The lower end of El Salto harbors steep, rocky banks with very sharp drops. Lake El Salto has excellent water clarity. When you are in Mexico bass fishing at Lake El Salto you will find literally hundreds of brush-cluttered points, ridges, and humps, not to mention the flooded ruins of two towns, a pair of ancient cemeteries and numerous shallow flats.

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