Costa Rica Crocodile Bay Fishing Report


Here is the picture of the Jack Crevelle we also caught.

The fishing at Crocodile Bay was awesome! We raised 70 sails, and boated 27 up to 130-135 pounds over the 4 days. We only had to go out about 5-8 miles each day. They had just really turned on about a week before, and they expect the action to stay hot through March. Some of the other boats had caught a bunch of small football sized tuna. One guy did catch a 150 lb one though. Saw two marlin, but didn’t get close enough to them. Also saw something the guides said they have never seen before….two whales breaching at the same time (attached picture). The inshore was relatively slow….the tide was going out during the prime fishing hours….but we did catch 2 nice size roosterfish (up to 25 pounds) and this jack. They did say that someone had been catching at least a 50-75 pound roosterfish each day. I would definitely recommend this place for anyone looking for a great offshore experience. There were several fly fishermen, who did well, and a TV crew from Florida while we were there. The accommodation and staff are great, as well as the crew. Costa Rica is an ecological “Disneyland”…….one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. This was truly the vacation of a lifetime!

Andy Bardach




Friday, January 9 Costa Rica


You should have been here yesterday!!! And the day before, and the day before, and the day before………………

Although I have been informed that billfish only feed in daylight hours, I have sometimes seen “the bite” slow on a full moon. Today was the full moon. One boat caught 17 sails out of 22 raised. (outstanding numbers), and another went 9 for 18. Not bad for some who only pitches a bait occasionally.

The boats are raising 18 to 25 fish apiece. This action has been like this for the last six days and the fish are holding only five miles off the beach. Fly rodders are landing 3 to 5 fish apiece which is a spectacular day anywhere in the world.

The marlin, although not giants (200 to 400 lbs) have joined the New Years party. Seven fish were boated out of 13 takes today.

Inshore the roosters have also pleased guests who are taking a half dozen or more a day. Some nice snapper have made it to the dinner plates and a few African Pompano continue to bite.

There are tons of fish out there and they don’t mind mixing it up with some Gringos!!