Lake Aguamilpa

Lake Aguamilpa deserves the number-one rating for the amount of bass caught south of the border. Most Mexico bass fishing anglers will bring in over 100 bass per day. However, there have been reports of as many as 400 per boat with two anglers fishing in one day. The sizes have been ranging from 3 to 10 pounds.


That’s the first word that comes to mind when I think of Lake Aguamilpa. And it’s a justifiable description, indeed. Lake Aguamilpa is the second newest kid on the Mexico bass fishing block. It opened for Mexico bass fishing just a few years ago and fishing reports have thus far shown plenty of Mexico bass fishing promise. Lake Aguamilpa fishing reports indicate if you’re looking for numbers of quality bass — 3-6 pounders — with an outside chance of sticking a 10 pounder, Lake Aguamilpa may very well be one of the best bets around.

Located on Mexico’s largest river, the Rio Santiago, Lake Aguamilpa is a scenic, wishbone-shaped impoundment and stretches for approximately 70 miles through towering mountains up to 6,000-feet tall. In addition to its numerous waterfalls, visiting anglers are likely to witness a variety of subtropical birds and other exotic creatures when they are Mexico bass fishing Lake Aguamilpa’s brush-cluttered shorelines for the burly largemouth’s lurking below. The dam was built about 40 miles northeast of Tepic in the Mexican state of Nayarit. Commercial airlines service Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta and Tepic.


As mentioned earlier, Lake Agua Milpa fishing reports currently indicate that it is best known for its numbers of quality bass, not gorillas. But this could change with time. Like other well known big bass hotspots such as Lake El Salto and Lake Baccarac, Lake Milpa is saturated with fast-growing Florida-strain largemouth’s. While there are some open-water honey holes available, most fishing is done in relation to abundant shoreline cover with weedless soft plastics, shad pattern crankbaits, topwater plugs and spinnerbaits. Beginning anglers can catch plenty of fish, but the seasoned baitcaster who can chunk lures with some accuracy will naturally experience a higher degree of success.


There’s only one facility on the lake, and it’s top-notch. The Coras Lodge is family owned and operated by Mario Guevera Barajas and his wife My Lady. My Lady and her staff take care of the bar, prepare and serve all the meals, do laundry and make sure the rooms are cleaned, ready and cool when you return from fishing. Mario takes care of everything else. Mario and My lady provide great accommodations, service, food and fishing experience. Constructed high on a cliffside plateau, the lodge offers a picturesque view of the lake and provides clients with a relaxing atmosphere where they can sip icy Margaritas and dine on an assortment of tasty dishes as they anticipate the next fishing day. All rooms are air conditioned. Clients will fish from 16-foot rigs equipped with 65 horsepower outboards and electric trolling motors. Anglers are usually paired two to a boat, with a knowledgeable guide.


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