Mexico Bass Fishing

Ever dreamed of taking a journey to one of those Mexico bass fishing lakes? Bass fishing Mexico will send you home with wild fishin’ tales to tell your buddies and a raw thumb to back them up.

If you’re like most anglers, the answer is yes. In fact, there’s probably not a bass fishing buff around who hasn’t at least toyed with the idea of heading south of the border to test the wealth of the bass-rich Mexico bass fishing lakes.

Lured by the daytime horror stories of monster largemouths crashing the surface on top water plugs when Mexico bass fishing and jovial tales of an eventful nightlife spent sipping four-star margaritas beneath a rustic cabana after a day of bass fishing Mexico, bass anglers of all calibers flock to Mexico bass fishing lakes each year, all with a glint of hope they’ll return home with a story to shock the imaginations of those who have never been bass fishing Mexico.


Here at Rader’s Fish and Game, we specialize in making these and all of your other “reel” dreams come true.

Mexico bass fishing can be done on the greatest black bass lakes in the world. There are four such lakes on the West coast of Mexico. There is Lake El Salto (size), Lake Aguamilpa, or as some call it just Lake Milpa (numbers), Lake Picachos (mainly numbers with a little size) and Lake Baccarac (size). The bass fishing at each Lake is a little different because of the age of each Lake. Generally speaking the older lakes produce larger bass but not quite as many numbers as the newer lakes. A Mexico bass fishing trip to one of these four lakes can make any bass angler’s dream come true. If you are interested in bass fishing Mexico, you can see specific informatation about each lake by clicking on the appropriate icon.


Mexico bass fishing is the best bass fishing in the world for several reasons. Because of the warm temperatures enjoyed by most parts of Mexico, the growing season for bass is several months longer than for most areas in the United States. Therefore the bass grow larger faster than they do in the Lakes throughout the United States. Another primary reason is fishing pressure. As a general rule the local population does not take advantage of the great Mexico bass fishing. As a result of that, instead of hundreds of bass boats fishing the Lakes every day as is the case with popular bass lakes in the United States, there will never be anywhere near that number bass fishing a Mexican Lake on any given day. Therefore, the bass have a lot less pressure put on them, which makes bass fishing Mexico the best there is.



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Take a look at each lake, decide which one will fulfill your dream, then email or call us and we will make your fishing dream come true.

Two 8 lb plus a bass netted at the same time by guide.
Two eight plus pounders netted by guide at same time while Mexico Bass Fishing.