Costa Rica Crocodile Bay Information Personnel

Hardy Corea – General Manager

Hardy Corea, Crocodile Bay Lodge’s Costa Rican Liaison, is a long-term veteran of international business and travel with a big plus in tourism. His savvy direction and leadership have been instrumental in making Crocodile Bay Lodge the yardstick by which all other Costa Rican fishing and eco destinations are judged.–

  Todd Staley – Director of Fishing

Todd carved his niche in the fishing community as a lure manufacturer and outdoor journalist specializing in light tackle in Florida and Costa Rica. He has been published in many magazines and newspapers in both countries and invented a lure that was banned from tarpon tournaments in Boca Grande, Florida as an unfair advantage over live bait. The late Archie Fields brought Todd to Costa Rica nearly a decade ago to manage his famous tarpon resort on the Caribbean coast. Since Archie’s death he has managed Golfito Sailfish Ranch and worked with America Sportfishing in the Hotel del Rey. He is a world record holder and has guided several others to world records.–

  Joe Lynberg – Chef

Food is a big part of the Crocodile Bay Lodge experience. Joe hails from Seattle, Washington, where he studied to become a chef. He enjoys preparing fish dishes, and good thing since we have no shortage of fresh fish! Be assured that Joe will always have a tasty variety of other dishes available to appease everyone’s palate. Like most chefs, Joe loves food and always samples everything first, especially his specialty… desserts!–

  Carlos Zuniga – Customer Relations

Carlos is the first face of the lodge that you will encounter here in Costa Rica. Carlos meets all of our guests at the airport in San Jose, coming and going and makes sure they get to their hotel or connecting flights. You won’t find a friendlier fella than Carlos, but just to be safe, stay on his good side… Carlos is one of the top Tae Kwon Do artists in the country!–

David Kanski – Reservation Director

From his office in Novato, California, Dave manages the logistics of your trip in Costa Rica. His goal is to get you from the airport in San Jose into our elevated poolside hottub with drink in-hand “muy rapido!” Dave gave up mortgages for marlin after 15 years as a residential loan officer with a major California bank.–

 Dave Burkhardt – Marketing

Dave Burkhardt is a 25-year fishing tackle industry veteran. He has fished all over the world. He is a world record holder and has accreditation in the Fishing Hall of Fame. Dave handles all PR and media relations, both electronic (TV & Radio) and print media.–