Mexico Dove Duck and Quail Hunts

Mexico dove hunting, Mexico duck hunting and Mexico quail hunting are one of the most exciting hunting experiences one can have. One can have a Mexico dove hunt, Mexico duck hunt, Mexico quail hunt and do some Mexico bass fishing on Lake El Salto, Lake Huites or Lake Guerrero all in the same trip.

Both mourning dove and whitewings are present in large numbers. Local farmers plant thousands of acres of sunflower, corn, sorghum, milo and sesame for use as pasture or for harvest. All of these grains are part of the preferred diet of the doves, ducks and quail. Soon after the first cool weather sets in up north, the doves and ducks migrate to Mexico for their winter stay. The countryside holds some of the largest concentrations of purely wild bobwhite quail in the world. One sportswriter called them, “the wildest, fastest quail he had ever seen.” The numbers are incredible.

On the West coast of Mexico we can offer you Mexico duck hunting and Mexico dove hunting at the Mazatlan Dove & Duck Hunting Club. The club has the exclusive hunting rights on over 100 square miles along the Laguna Vieja estuary, which stretches over 130 miles from Mazatlan to the south. You hunt ducks in American-style blinds on over 50 fresh water ponds that are owned or leased, and in natural blinds on the estuary itself. Mexican wildlife officials estimate that the Laguna Vieja estuary hosts 2.5 million wintering ducks. On a given day, fewer than two dozen hunters, hunt on or around the estuary. As a result, Mazatlan Dove & Duck Hunting Club enjoys unspoiled, natural hunting over decoys. In the afternoons you can enjoy fantastic Mexico dove hunting. Before or after you Mexico duck hunt and Mexico dove hunt you can travel 70 miles north of Mazatlan for some trophy bass fishing on famous Lake El Salto.

We can also offer you fantastic Mexico dove hunting at Lake Dominguez Lodge in El Fuerte, Mexico on the West coast of Mexico. Soon after cool weather sets up in the north mourning doves migrate south to feed on the thousands of acres grain fields in the El Fuerte area. Whitewing doves migrate from the south to feed and nest as well. This hunt can also be combined with a great bass fishing trip on Lake Huites.

On the East coast of Mexico we can offer you Mexico dove hunting, Mexico duck hunting, Mexico quail hunting and Mexico bass fishing at the Hacienda Las Palmas. Hacienda Las Palmas is located on the banks of Lake Guerrero. The Hacienda conducts traditional walk-up quail hunts behind pointers on fence rows, tree and brush lines and in grain fields. Their dog handlers have extensive experience hunting quail in Mexico. They prefer to match three hunters with each handler and will not exceed four hunters per handler. The Hacienda offers Whitewing and Mourning Dove hunting from late-August through October. Dove shooting is nothing short of spectacular. Thousands of acres of sunflower, corn and sorghum fields are close to the lodge. Extensive pre-hunt scouting keeps driving times to the shooting areas to a minimum.

The Hacienda also offers quality Duck hunts on Lake Guerrero. Species available are Pintails, Widgeons, Mottled Ducks, Gadwalls, Green Wing Teal, Blue Wing Teal, Cinnamon Teal, Black Bellied Tree Ducks and Bluebills. The game is abundant and the limits are liberal. They hunt out of custom made blinds that can be moved at a moments notice to the place where the ducks are harboring. Their master Waterfowler, Mike Settles, will make your duck hunt a memorable experience.

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