Argentina Extra Info

  1. Please let us know about special requirements such as meals, health problems, etc.
  2. You should take insurance or travel assistance that covers you while you are there for health problems, damaged or lost luggage, etc.
  3. It’s very important that when you fly directly from Miami to Cordoba, Buenos Aires is a technical stop. You must not go out of the “in transit room” or you will not be allowed to get back. Therefore, you will not meet FS’s people until your arrival in Cordoba. However, if you have any problem at Buenos Aires you can call the emergency numbers. If it is necessary, one of FS’s representatives will go to the airport to assist you.
  4. FS can assist you with information, reservations for hotels, restaurants, shows, tours, etc.
  5. Please pack light, especially if you take a charter flight. Duffel bags are easier to handle.
  6. Tips are not included in FS’s prices.
  7. If you are bringing guns and your final destination is Buenos Aires, you must clear them at the Airport Police (PAN) office. The office is inside the Baggage Claim area at the International Concourse. Aerolineas Argentinas has its own concourse, separated from the rest of the airlines. Therefore, after clearing customs passengers will be accompanied by a Police Officer and one of our representatives to clear the guns at the PAN office, located in the International Concourse
  8. RENAR, the government office, who controls and registers the guns in Argentina, requires foreign hunters arriving with firearms to prove legal property of the weapon. Just a US Customs “Personal effects taken abroad” form, purchase receipt or police certificate will prove you are legal owner. Also, you need to get an Argentina consulate permit . Upon arrival in Argentina, the airport police will control the guns and documentation and FS’s guide will assist and translate. The police officers are very kind and all these formalities are smooth and take a few minutes.