Argentina Travel Tips


Ammunition must be purchased on-site for $12.00 per box of 25 for dove and $15.00 per box for duck and goose. We ask that you clear your shell charges prior to your departure. Payment must be in the form of a personal check, cash or traveler’s checks.


Common liquors, such as scotch, gin, ron or vodka are available. However, if there is a special liquor you want, please let us know in advance or buy it at the duty free store in Miami or the Buenos Aires Airport.


It has become increasingly difficult to secure the necessary paperwork to import birds for mounting from Argentina. In most cases it can be done.

Please note that all birds being imported must be cleared with the USDA upon your arrival in Miami and then shipped in bond directly to a USDA certified taxidermist.

If you want to take birds back, please notify us so that we can let our office in Buenos Aires know prior to your arrival.


Cash and major credit cards are acceptable for purchases in most of the stores. At the Lodge they accept only cash, traveler checks or personal checks.


The easiest way to call the United States while in Argentina is to use AT&T USA Direct Service. Whenever possible, call and you will be connected with an English speaking operator that will help you with your call. Be sure and tell the international operator that you are using AT&T. This is by far the least expensive way to call the United States. However, this service is unavailable in some areas.

While in the hunting areas, if there’s a need to place a call, you will need to be driven to the nearest town or use the guide’s cell dialing 0800-222-1288 or 0800-555-4288. If for any reason you need to change your airline tickets, please ask your host. The office phone number is 011-5411-4803-8839 & the fax: 011-5411-48076247. Emergency phone number is 011-54-9-11-6444-2379 or Emilio’s cell phone: 011-54-9-11-5598-6700.


Right now, the Consulate permit is not requested by the airport Police. This could go back to the previous procedure, in which case we will let you know it. For your information this is the mentioned procedure: If you are binging guns you will have to submit application at the closest Argentina Consulate, holding the equivalent legal possess authorization extended by the local authority, identification document or passport, requiring the applicable “temporary authorization and temporary possess permit” of corresponding material.

When arriving at Ezieza International Airport, in Buenos Aires, you will clear customs and proceed to the baggage claim area to secure your luggage. You will then proceed to the police office at the airport (P.A.N.) where you will clear your guns. The gun introduction fee is AR$200 (around $75). A representative from Four Seasons will greet at the P.A.N. office and assist you with this process (for Airport security reasons our guide could not get into customs area)

If you arrive to Cordoba International Airport the gun clearance procedure is the same but it could take a long time.


If you prefer not to bring your own guns, you can rent them at the lodge. The rental cost is $50 per gun per day.


Voltage in Argentina is 220 volt 50 cycle. Make sure to bring a transformer if you are bringing electrical appliances.


As a guideline, standard tips for bird boys are $25 per hunter per day. For the house staff, a standard tip is $ 25 per day for each member of the staff, paid for the whole group.


Check-out time at the hotels is 12:00 Noon. The hotel has a secure area to store guns and luggage.


Spanish is the spoken language in Argentina. However, one of our bilingual hosts will accompany throughout your stay in Argentina. Please communicate any concerns during your trip to your host. He is there to ensure that everything runs smoothly.


Please check with airlines the luggage allowance. You may also carry on one piece of luggage providing it will fit under the passenger´s seat.

Your guns must be shipped in a hard-sided lockable case. Please note that your gun case will be considered part of your baggage allowance. If at all possible, please bring a soft case to transport gun to and from the field.

If you will be taking internal commercial air during your stay in Argentina, you may incur excess baggage charges. The maximum baggage allowance is 15 kg. (around 33 pounds).

If you have opted to take advantage of our private air charters, please remember to pack light and in soft bags, hard bags are stiff shaped and difficult to fit.!


It is advisable to obtain traveler’s medical insurance.

Personal Medication
Travelers clearing customs with medication are selectively stopped and referred to Federal Narcotics Agents for questioning. They must prove that the medication is what they claim it is and has been prescribed by a physician.

Since this may cause undue delay and the possibility of missing connections, it is suggested that you make sure the container is labeled and has the prescription number from the pharmacist who supplied the prescription to you, plus the date, your name and the name of your prescribing physician


U.S. citizens must have a passport to enter Argentina. NEVER PACK YOUR PASSPORT IN YOUR LUGGAGE.


The seasons in Argentina, since it is in the southern hemisphere, is the opposite of our seasons in the states, i.e. summer months are December, January, and February with temperatures reaching 90 degrees in the summer and as low as 33 degrees in June, July and August.

Lows Highs

Ducks (similar latitude to Atlanta) Temperatures Ranges

  •                       LOW  HIGH
  • April                 45  – 75
  • May                  40  – 70
  • June                 25  – 55
  • July                  25  – 55
  • August              25  – 60


  • January           60 – 90
  • February          60 – 90
  • March              60 – 90
  • April                45 – 75
  • May                 40 – 70
  • June                25 – 55
  • July                 25 – 55
  • August             25 – 60
  • September       40 – 80
  • October           40 – 80
  • November        50 – 90
  • December        60 – 90

TIME ZONE – (According to Daylight Savings Time)

New York     10:00 AM    Argentina 11:00 AM  (+1 hour)

Minneapolis 10:00 AM     Argentina 12:00 PM (+ 2 hours)

Denver         10:00 AM     Argentina 1:00 PM   (+3 hours)

Los Angeles 10:00 AM     Argentina 2:00 PM   (+4 hours)


  1. Ask the customers about special requirements as meals, health problems, etc.
  2. All the hunters should take insurance or travel assistance that covers them while they are here for health problems, damaged or lost luggage, etc.
  3. We need to receive, at least one month in advance, the following information from all groups:
    • Complete names
    • Dates of birth
    • Passports
    • Complete address
    • Guns information (mark, model, serial number and gauge)
    • International flight details (and domestic flights if they group have booked them by themselves)
  4. RF&G can assist the passengers with information, reservations for hotels, restaurants, shows, tours, etc.
  5. Please, ask the passengers to pack light, especially if they take a charter flight. Duffel bags are easier to handle.
  6. The passengers must know that tips are not included in our prices.
  7. All the passengers bringing guns whose final destination is Buenos Aires, must clear them at the Airport Police (PAN) office. The office is inside the Baggage Claim area at the International Concourse. Aerolineas Argentinas has its own concourse, separated from the rest of the airlines. Therefore, after clearing customs passengers will be accompanied by a Police Officer and one of our representatives to clear the guns at the PAN office, located in the International Concourse
  8. RENAR, the government office, who controls and registers the guns in Argentina, requires from the foreign hunters arriving with firearms to prove legal property of the weapon. Just a US Customs “Personal effects taken abroad” form, purchase receipt or police certificate will prove you are legal owner. At the arrival to Argentina, the airport police will control the guns and documentation and our guide will assist and translate. The police officers are very kind and all these formalities are smooth and take a few minutes.
  9. Guns are available to rent here at U$50 per day.
  10. RF&G keeps the right to change the hunting areas. By having access to many areas and lodges, RF&G is able to change location of your hunt when hunting conditions make it necessary.
  11. If the hunters want to take back birds or trophies for taxidermy, keep in mind that the paper work, takes a couple of days. Try not to leave the trophies to be shipped later. The shipping is very expensive. For birds, the best way is to take them back with your baggage, and the USDA will ask for the taxidermist’s licence number to allow the entry to the USA.
  12. RF&G provides the shells to the bird hunters with no exception. This does not aply to big game hunters.
  13. We don’t take credit cards for the payment of shells, charter flights or extra charges. Customers can either pay in cash, personal checks or be billed by you after the end of the trip, or be billed by our agent at their return to the US. Obviously this is the least likely option for us”
  14. It’s very important for us to know in advance the extras that the clients are paying in Buenos Aires.
  15. Groups going to Uruguay: The easier way is to fly directly from USA to Montevideo.