Costa Rica Rio Parismina The Lodge

Rio Parismina our kitchen staff is very accomplished and we offer a wide variety of gourmet and native dishes. Even the most diet-conscious guests have ordered seconds of our famous desserts.

A Typical Day at Rio Parismina Lodge:

A day in paradise begins with the voices of the Howler Monkeys sounding the approach of dawn. A light knock on your door at 5:00 AM will let you know it’s time to rise and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee brought to your door is welcome. This close to the equator, fishing early, before the sun reaches full intensity is the practice. The early morning hours are refreshingly cool and provide good fishing. Breakfast is served at 5:30 AM and your guide will be prepared and waiting for your arrival at the dock. Chances are, he already knows where the fishing action will be and you could have your first Tarpon jumped by 6:00 in the morning.

The most important person in determining your fishing success is your guide. All of the guides speak English and you should establish a relationship with your guide. Listen to his suggestions (what lures, where to fish, speed of retrieve, etc.). We know that after your trip to Rio Parismina Lodge, you willl have made a new friend and your guide will feel the same.

Normally, you fish until 11:00 or 11:30 AM, when your guide will bring you back to the lodge. Many folks like to take a dip in the pool or Jacuzzi after a morning of fishing. A wonderful hot lunch is served at noon followed by one of the greatest ideas ever conceived, siesta!

At 2:00 PM you head back to the docks where your guide once again will be ready and waiting. You will fish until just before dark. The lodge tries to pack as much quality fishing time into the day as possible. If you would like to surf fish before breakfast or after dinner, we can arrange for your guide to escort you.

Before dinner, “Bocas” or appetizers are served on the verandah or by the open bar, followed by a dining experience you won’t soon forget. We serve seafood and meats, local fares, exotic fresh fruits, pastas and heavenly desserts. After dinner, guests enjoy recounting the day’s adventures or visiting the nearby National Park to observe giant nesting Sea Turtles. Most guests turn in early so they will be ready for another day of incredible action at Rio Parismina Lodge.