Power and Force are the right words to describe briefly the Payaras living at Uraima Falls waters. This acrobatic fish can destroy any lure that crosses his line of attack, you must come with all the tackle arsenal you can get, do not take anything for granted, the best fresh water anglers have been here already and they were taken by surprise, believe it or not, proof is here in full size and graphic resolution ..

Dugout canoes are the ideal vessels to gravitate around these rapids of the Paragua river, most of the fishing is done trolling or casting from these boats, there will be two crew members in each one, the motor guide and the payara catcher who will get your fish out of the water, no other vessel is such as stable fishing platform in this environment. You will need space and you will have it, here you will experience the most challenging payara fishery in the planet. The guide will take you where the action is, there are different fishing spots, you will need to find you style here; beneath the falls, over the rapids, trolling deep, whatever you do, there will be a chance to prove your best, there is no doubt about it, the time will come and you will have the opportunity to land a new world record !. As said before, it is a good idea to have adequate tackle ready to handle these powerful and aggressive adversaries, they can come out in big sizes with terrific stamina witch not only make them a favorite of anglers but also a black hole of lures as many clients have already commented. To insure the best fishing possible, a strict catch and release policy is in effect at the lodge, thanks to this, fishing keeps improving over the years.

We insist, this is not a regular weekend fishing trip , this is the real deal. Payara is like a silver demon out of the Paragua river waters, the current world all tackle record (39lb 4oz) was set here by one of our guests. Payara often can exceed 30 pounds, they always strike with power and can strip off your line very fast. By the way, Payara has also a friend, the fierce Aymara, another prehistoric lure crunching fighter that grows up to 40 pounds!. Uraima has some records for Aymara registered at the IGFA already, once you are here we can take you to a special place called “EL TONORO”, the home of the biggest Aymaras ever seen by any human being on earth. Come and believe.

Enough said, the facts are real, the challenge, the landscape, and the place, will endure in your memories forever, take action and call your outfitter now to book a trip of a lifetime, you can forget many things in life but you won’t forget this adventure. And remember, there is always a Payara near you in the waters of Uraima Falls…